How to Remove Soffits |

kitchen remove soffit

By eHow Home & Garden Editor · Difficulty: ModerateThe soffits above your kitchen cabinets eat a lot space that could be used to extend your kitchen cabinets to the ceiling, creating a modern and updated look. Or, it

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kitchen remove soffit

When ready to update a kitchen, often the first thing to go is the soffits. Removing kitchen soffits is not difficult, but there are some things you should take into

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kitchen remove soffit

Hidden in the soffit. Hi Jake, I have a soffit in my kitchen that I would like to remove to place 42 inch cabinets. I have an old home built in the 30′s which had plaster

How to Remove a Kitchen Soffit |

kitchen remove soffit

By Damon Koch · Difficulty: Moderately EasyA soffit in the kitchen is basically a box made of a 2-by-4 lumber frame covered with drywall and possibly wallpaper. A soffit can serve as a place to run wiring or

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kitchen remove soffit

However, you can also do it when just refacing the kitchen cabinets. Either way this would simply mean removing the soffit above the cabinets.

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